TuckerŪ Self-Piercing Rivets (SPR)

PR mechanical joining process is used to join two or more layers of material without the need for a predrilled hole.

This robust mechanical joining of sheet materials is achieved by inserting a rivet and cold-forming an interlock with cycle times similar to spot welding. Just clamp the sheets and press our precision self-piercing rivet through the top layers of material to upset the rivet in the bottom layer. That’s all you need to do to get a strong interlock between the layers being assembled.

Designed with a servo-electric drive to ensure the highest level of process control and repeatability, these tools can be robot-carried or pedestal-mounted. Plus, our SPR systems can be configured to control up to three tools with a single control unit.

The SPR product family is offered in a wide variety of ready-made rivet geometries, or as a custom solution if you need a special configuration developed.


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